TEO-Belišće d.o.o.
Electrical Equipment Production
Radnička 3
Phone: +385 31 516 789
Fax: +385 31 516 799
TEO-Belišće d.o.o. is a company with 30 years of tradition in jobs related to design, production and assembly of electrical equipment and production of electronic systems for informing in public transport.
TEO-Ing d.o.o. is a sister-company composed by expert personnel specialized for assembly of equipment in industry.
From former production of control systems for machines for injective polymer-pressing, through control solutions in industry and agriculture, to new high-tech solutions for renewable energy sources – TEO-Belišće and TEO-Ing have been created to be your reliable partner today, which can offer you solutions of electrical engineering, from idea to solution.
Company owns a building with 1500 square meters specially equipped for electrical works.
TEO-Belišće and TEO-Ing employ first-rate electricians for assembly, specialized engineers for designs of industrial low-voltage applications, design of electrical documentation (ePlan, AutoCAD), programming industrial applications (PLC, SCADA, HMI, etc.). Employees are motivated for permanent improvement, sense for team work and value of project they participate in, and desire for proving themselves in profession.
TEO-Belišće is located in industrial town Belišće, near City of Osijek, which is connected by highways A5 and 5C corridor to all Croatian and European destinations.

Veća karta
Vision of TEO-Belišće is to be a modern, flexible, efficient and creative company that will stay a leading electrical design and production company in region with quality and value of its products and services, with hones and professional relations, and with satisfaction of its customers.
Mission of TEO-Belišće is:
  • To continue to use the synergy of electrical designs, production of applications and software and assembly and prove itself as regional leader in domain of industrial automation and control.
  • To prove to customers and market to be a reliable and recognizable partner that finished is commitments with quality, in time and with competitive price of its products and services.
  • To hold existing markets and market position, and gradually expand to new markets.
  • To hold and invest in existing personnel and execute a quality politics of managing human resources that will contribute to new development of company and development of new products and technologies.
  • To accompany and implement worldwide electrical technology trends, to invest in development of product and services, and with affirmation of profession make company stay successful.
TEO-Ing d.o.o.
TEO-Ing d.o.o. je . is a new sister-company grown from variable need of TEO-Belišće for qualified work force for jobs of high work intensity. Its main function is to ensure expert and efficient personnel, specialized in activities of assembly, wiring, commissioning and leading projects in field at customer. Employees are dynamically scheduled to jobs generated by TEO-Belišće or by external customers.
Policy of managing quality and environment
TEO-Belišće carries out its project respecting relevant standards, laws and regulations. Its professional activities are performed according to professional standards for which it possesses relevant licenses and authorizations. Quality of its products is proved by standard ISO 9001:2015 (Quality management system), and its care for environment and social responsibility is proved by standard ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental management).
According to these standards, TEO-Belišće has declared its own Policy of quality and environment..
Phone: +385 31 516 789 • Fax: +385 31 516 799 • E-mail: teo@teo-belisce.hr, teo@teo-ing.hr
• 30 years of experience • Licensed engineers for design • ePlan licenses • ISO 9001 i ISO 14001 norms •